Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Classmates Blog: Procrastination

Link To Classmates Blog: http://timeanditsworth.blogspot.com/

"While procrastinating is easy to do, it's not easy to succeed with, nor is it very rewarding even if you can. Because it has become easier than ever with all of the social media that has become available to us, many are able to pass the hours without even thinking about it,". Tim's statement is true, we have all been there and it sure isn't fun when your rushing to finish a project or homework at the last minute. I myself have a very bad habit of leaving everything for that last minute, which isn't very smart for a student in the first year of college. Social media is part of the cause of distraction and procrastination. Its hard to focus on your work especially when receiving automatic notifications from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media is great, but it can easily distract a busy student from doing their work.  In order to succeed, we can't let social media distract us and prevent us from doing our work.

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