Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Television: The Plug-In Drug

Winn, M.(2011).Television the Plug-in Drug. In S. Cohen, 50 Essays (pg.438-447). Boston: Bedford St.Martins.

 In “Television: The Plug-In Drug” by  Marie Winn, Winn talks about the negative outcome of television on the modern families today. She discusses the idea on how television should bring the family together in one room, but instead has separated families and stole what was once family bonding. Marie Winn has three arguments: The Quality of life, Family Rituals, and Real People all connecting with the impact from television. Winn goes on saying how television is a bad influence for young children, and parents don't pay much attention to what children are watching because it keeps them busy.  It has come to the point where there is more than one television in a household. 

Television isnt the only distraction for children there are also smart phones and computers that connect with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks that can separate family members from each other. Today's society social media has become a part of your everyday life. It can even be an addiction for most individuals.


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