Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who are you?

Catfish is a documentary about a filmmaker, Yaniv Schulam, who falls in love with a woman on the internet. But as Yaniv Schulam looks deeper into the relationship he starts to unfold unexpected discoveries of the woman and her family.

After coming out with his documentary Catfish Yaniv Schulam has now created a new MTV series called Catfish:The TV Show. He is helping others to discover the truth about their significant other that they have been talking too for several years through the internet.

Everybody has heard of a story about people creating fake online social network profiles and getting into relationships with random people. What happens when someone becomes a victim of this and falls in love with the person that is behind that fake online profile? To no surprise, this actually happens more and more frequently as the popularity of social networking grows. Many people that fall victim to this feel embarrassed to admit that they have fallen in love with a fake person. Catfish is a show that confronts these victims and teaches them to overcome the embarrassing thought of it and embrace the experience and learn from it. It isn't who a person is talking to, it is how attached the person gets to that other person.

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