Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fashion’s Influence on Social Media

Cliché. (2012. February 27). Fashion’s Influence on Social Media. November 18, 2012,


 It seems like nowadays fashion doesn't need to only be in magazines but all over the internet advertising. There are companies who send products or clothing samples to fashion bloggers to advertise and review these samples, this leads to a bigger following crowd for that brand. This article is about how social media takes a big roll on fashion. Not only with big stores but with small clothing boutiques, social media can pull you out of obscurity in a matter of seconds. Social media is positively helping small fashion companies to expand and be competitive with several other fashion companies. With Facebook promotions, a company can get people to start talking about their store overnight. Companies have a big advantage with the power of social media because they are in touch with their costumers. It is easier now to listen to what the public has to say and fulfill customers wishes making them happy. Facebook and Twitter allow businesses to offer deals and run great promotions. Additionally, with just a "Like" or retweet by followers, they can attract more attention and make it easier for the business to expand.


  1. I think that it's pretty smart to use social media to advertise a business. It's easy and you can get more costumers because nowadays everyone uses social media. I personally like to shop online instead of at the stores, theres bigger selection.

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