Sunday, November 18, 2012

Social networking, affects on modern users, society

Leppo, Megan. (2011, November 18). Social networking, affects on modern users, society. November 18, 2012,
This article talks about the immense world of the World Wide Web is just at our finger tips. We have access to the internet everywhere we go. It is available at home, on our desktops and laptops, at our libraries, schools, airports, even our smart phones are all connected to the web. The essential to understand how we choose to use the web that can reflect on our daily life and actions. We have several social networking and media sites at the palms of our hands, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. These websites can influence our future, depending on how much of our information is out there. People might think it is fun and trendy to upload thousands of photos on Facebook and be connected with thousands of Pages and Friends. However, people might not know that all this information that reflects their lives is also just at the palms of other people’s hands. This information is available to anyone that has access to a simple online search engine, simply enter the users name and most of their information will be right before your eyes. It is important to control the amount of information you let out to the public, it is never private once it is on the web.

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